“Feel fitter and stronger and move more freely with a combination of pilates, personal training and massage”


Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment. My courses and sessions provide an excellent opportunity to exercise your body and mind which helps to reduce stress.

Personal Training

A private lesson which is focused purely on your needs and goals.
Whatever your goals are I will personally help you set and achieve targets to help you meet them.

Massage treatments

A relaxing massage to help you unwind from the stresses of daily life. Massage has numerous health benefits including increased circulation, improved muscle tone and flexibility.

Injury/Rehab Specialist

If you have an a long term condition people often avoid exercise thinking it will make things worse. In fact the opposite is true. Victoria has the experience to help you manage the condition.


The Reformer is the most famous Pilates equipment because it is so effective. VCR Fitness goes one step further and also has the Pilates barrel and chair. These add a whole new repertoire of exercises to complete your workout, maximising your results.

50+ Fitness

Being 50+ doesn’t and shouldn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Staying fit and healthy is even more important the older we get. Exercise if for people of all ages, it is just the type and intensity of the exercise which is important as to not sustain an injury or do any long term damage to your body.

Seniors Fitness

A social class where we focus on strength for everyday activities. great to help balance, coordination, arthritis, fall prevention and general mobility. Great to help rehabilitation after a stroke.

Pre/Post-Natal Fitness

It is important to keep active during pregnancy but it is also important to do the right exercises to be safe and effective. Exercise post-birth is equally important. Whatever your post natal stage I have a program that will suit you

"Transform your body in the sanctuary of a private studio"

Specialist in sports injuries, rehab and returning to fitness after a break.

Postnatal Fitness, returning to fitness after a break or if you suffer from a sports injury or have a medical issue VCR Fitness can work with you to tailor a program to suit your individual needs.

Buy Combination Sessions

Pilates and massage
6 pilates/PT sessions and 3 x 60 min massages* – £500
*to be used over 2 months

Gift vouchers are available.

Our massage treatments are a perfect gift for a loved one for a special occasion. Take the stress out of deciding what to buy and treat someone to one of our gift vouchers.