A Life Of Balance

I have been teaching pilates and fitness for 25 years. Fitness has been not just my career but my life; All my training has been in fitness (including my 1st class Degree and Masters in Sports Science).

I aim to help people to move more freely so you can enjoy life more. It is the small things in life that are important….. playing with your kids, running for the bus, getting up from the floor, doing gardening….. without struggling or being in pain.

I love pilates because it makes you feel good physically and mentally, you move better, feel stronger, stand taller….. the list continues. You must try it for yourself if you have not already!

I believe everything in the body is connected so it is important to work on the whole body to get the best results. I will help you to achieve your goals and feel and look better by supporting you through your fitness journey. Regardless of your fitness level or experience I offer a personalised program helping you each step of they way. I can now offer holistic massage treatments which are the perfect accompaniment to any of my other classes.


I can combine pilates exercises with other aspects of fitness or we can focus on just fitness or just pilates depending on exactly what you want. I also teach spin and rowing and body conditioning so I can plan a perfect program for you incorporating exactly the right combination of exercises for you.

Both my Master and Degree were in Sports Science. I am a Biomechanics coach, and Registered Exercise Professional (REPS Level 4).