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If you are Injured, recovering from injury or suffering from a medical condition, it doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising.

If you have an a long term condition for instance a  back problem people often avoid exercise thinking it will make things worse. In fact the opposite is true. Keeping mobile and strong is crucial to daily living. With a long term complaint it is even more important. What is crucial is that you do the correct exercises with the perfect technique, to ensure you get the most out of the exercises.

Victoria has the experience to help you manage the condition. Victoria will work with you to  try to alleviate symptoms and help you manage the pain more effectively.

Pilates often involves small but very precise movements which is perfect for rehabilitating a weakness. Pilates also focuses on creating a strong “core” or what is known as the “powerhouse”. This is all the muscles around the torso that help us to move and also support us as we move. If our core is strong it will make a massive difference to our ability to move more freely.

Victoria is particularly good at adapting exercises to suit an individual. For instance if you cannot sit or lay down without pain then Victoria will adapt the exercises to be done in a way that is better for you ensuring you still get all the benefits.

Victoria will monitor you and progress your exercises as you get stronger.

Victoria has worked with people with a wide range of conditions including but not limited to: Parkinsons, stroke, dementia, brain tumor, various different types of cancer, blind, deaf, bone conditions and back problems, Harrington rod, hypermobility.

There is always some form of exercise that will help you it is more a case of working out what exercise and how it is performed.

If it is a recent injury that you are rehabilitating from Victoria will give you exercises specific to strengthening the area to help aid recovery. Progressing things as you get stronger and recover.

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If you are suffering from a sports injury, recovering from an operation or suffer a medical condition but still want to exercise it is still possible.

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