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Holistic massage

A relaxing massage to help you unwind from the stresses of daily life. Massage has numerous health benefits including increased circulation, improved muscle tone and flexibility. Working at a pressure to suit you massage can help relieve pain and boost mood. By increasing oxygen in the blood it will help to distribute much needed nutrients more effectively around the body.
Massage can help you recover quicker after a workout So Wither you need to de stress or as a compliment to your exercise program massage will be beneficial for you

You can have a 45 min or 60 min holistic massage or a 75 min total body package including hands, face and feet, or treat yourself to a 6 pack of massage sessions or combine my massage sessions with either my pilates or PT sessions as a combo package.

All massages include lymphatic drainage.

Whole body massage


You can chose to have your whole body massaged or particular areas, for instance back, shoulders and legs. This can be 45 min or 1 hour massage.

If you want a full pamper package for ultimate luxuary then 75 min recommended as that will spend more time on problem areas and longer on head, hands and feet.

Hands & Feet massage VCR Fitness

Hands, feet and head massage.

By massaging and manipulating reflex points/energy zones on the hands and feet you can benefit the body as a whole. Each point corresponds to a particular organ. Working these areas will help to treat the whole body by releasing, unlocking and alleviating tension to restore and rebalance your body.

This can be added into your holistic massage or used as a stand alone treatment.

VCR Fitness whole body massage treatments

Colonic reflex massage

A combination of abdominal massage and feet. This can help IBS, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, diverticulitis, colitis, diarrhoea, pre-menstrual tension.

The foot massage will work the organs and glands which correspond to the digestive, lymphatic and elimination reflexes within the body. By working these areas will not only enhance the treatment but also encourage a more powerful effect and help to restore and rebalance the body.

A non invasive, safe, pain free massage which can be used as a stand alone treatment or added onto a full body treatment for the complete pampering package.


30 min hands, feet and face – £40 or any body part (eg: back and shoulders)
45 min massage – £55
60 min massage – £65
75 min massage – £80
⭐️ “MOST POPULAR CHOICE” – includes hand and face/head massage and abdominal area.
This is a great full body pampering session and makes a great present for someone. ⭐️

6 x 1 Hour massages – £375

Massage and home exercise program – £80 includes a home-exercise program.

Buy Combination Sessions

Massage & Pilates/PT
6 pilates/PT sessions and 3 x 60 min massages* – £500
(*to be used over 2 months)

Gift vouchers are available.

Our massage treatments are a perfect gift for a loved one for a special occasion. Take the stress out of deciding what to buy and treat someone to one of our gift vouchers.