A private lesson which is focused purely on your needs and goals.
What ever your goals are I will personally help you set and achieve targets to help you meet your goals.

Private lessons are particularly beneficial if you have an injury/in rehab or are new to exercise so we can work at your pace an build your confidence.

I focus particularly on correct technique and quality of movement to make sure your sessions are as safe an effective as possible.

Your private lesson can be focused on Pilates or you may prefer to incorporate more traditional strength work using weights. I can do either. Or combine the two.

Time to Focus on You.
Be better….. Be stronger, leaner, more flexible, fitter, faster, stand taller, reduce stress, manage and reduce pain.

Free Consultation

Your initial consultation is free and I offer a postural assessment and  blood pressure, body measurements. If you are wanting to loose weight we can measure bodyfat and BMI assessment.

Set Goals

We set goals according to what you are wanting to achieve.

Book a session or block book a group of sessions

We set goals according to what you are wanting to achieve.

Book a home visit

If it suits you better for me to come to you, i will.

You can train with a friend or alone.

Train with a friend or alone, whatever suits the way you like to exercise and whatever motivates you.

Tailored Program

I give you a tailored, personalised workout plan for you to follow when you are working out yourself so you know what to do and how many of each exercise.

Personal Training Prices: Private sessions

One session – £58

Block of 5 sessions = £270 (£54 per session valid for 7 weeks)

Block of 10 sessions = £500 (£50 per session valid for 12 weeks)

Please also complete an exercise health questionnaire before your first class.

Download Here or submit your questionnaire online here.

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Buy Personal Training Sessions

Book a PT session with VCR Fitness and get a tailored program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Got any Questions?

If you have any questions please have a look at our most frequently asked q’s.