Pre & Post-Natal classes:

My Pre & Post natal classes are private classes are best done as a private session to focus on specific needs of mum to be.

The post natal classes can be adjusted to individuals in either the group class or private session.

Classes can be booked by contacting me using the button below.

Pre-Natal Classes

It is important to keep active during pregnancy but it is also important to do the right exercises to be safe and effective. Exercising during pregnancy is safe and boosts not only your health but the health of your unborn baby.

Your body changes rapidly during pregnancy so I aim to adapt your workout as your body changes. The class focuses on helping to maintain good posture during pregnancy to alleviate the aches and pains that accompany your changing body.

We focus on pelvic floor and core stability exercises to help keep your back strong to support your baby and your body.
We use stability balls and light hand weights to get a good balance of stability and strength.

Ultimately my goal is to help you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy to help prepare you for motherhood.

Please complete a pre-natal exercise health questionnaire before your first class.

Download form here or submit the questionnaire online here.

Post-Natal Private Classes

As a mother of three young children I know how hard it is to find childcare for a few hours while you get to the gym. I try to be flexible in appointment times or if you need to you can even bring your baby with you.

Every mums recovery will be different and it can take time! I try to personalise your workout to suit your needs, taking into account your fitness before you had your baby.

Whatever your post natal stage I have a program that will suit you. I realise that even when your child is 2 or 3 you may still be trying to get back into your jeans or get your fitness back to how it was. Firstly, be kind to your self…. You made a person… celebrate that, but it does take an effect on your body. There are lots of things we can focus on to get your fitness back and this class is the perfect place to do it.

We focus a lot on pelvic floor, core strength and join stability. We focus on low impact exercises and incorporate strength exercises to help tone up those problem areas.

Mother and child fitness Chiswick
Please wear a good fitting sports bra or two! It is also advisable to wear supportive trainers. I advise you get your feet measured after pregnancy as you may have gone up a foot size. Good fitting trainers will offer better ankle support.

I offer private sessions or you can team up with a few friends and come together. When demand I offer a mother and baby class. This will share the cost but also makes it more fun. If you need to bring the children they help to entertain each other as well. Why not set up a group with your NCT buddies?

There are lots of options for post natal exercise. Exercise technique and quality is crucial and your fitness will quickly improve but Victoria will watch you every step of the way.

Please complete a post natal exercise health questionnaire before your first class.

Download here or submit your questionnaire online here.

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Private pre/post-natal classes

These are private sessions so we can focus on your needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Got any Questions?

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