Mother & Child Fitness Class; Bring your Child (0-4 years) to class with you. Thursdays at 1.30pm.

Post-Natal Classes – all pre-school age children are welcome but babies are welcome too!

Depending on demand a separate baby class can be run for babies and a different one for toddlers. otherwise babies and toddlers both come to same session. Victoria can adapt exercises for the parent accordingly.

If you would prefer a private session that can be arranged or you can come to the class. Why not set up a group with your NCT buddies? There are lots of options for post natal exercise. Exercise technique and quality is crucial and your fitness will quickly improve but Victoria will watch you every step of the way. Please contact us to discuss options with Victoria.

Class Format

Every mums recovery will be different and it can take time! I try to personalise your workout to suit your needs, taking into account your fitness before you had your baby.

Whatever your post natal stage I have a program that will suit you. I realise that even when your child is 2 or 3 you may still be trying to get back into your jeans or get your fitness back to how it was. Firstly, be kind to your self…. You made a person… celebrate that, but it does take an effect on your body. There are lots of things we can focus on to get your fitness back and this class is the perfect place to do it

We focus a lot on pelvic floor, core strength and join stability. We focus on low impact exercises and incorporate strength exercises to help tone up those problem areas.


You can start after you have had your 6 week check with the doctor.

Please feed your child before you come to class so they are not hungry. That way you are more likely to get a whole hour to yourself! If you are breastfeeding that will make exercise more comfortable as well.

Please bring snacks and toys or books for your child to keep them occupied if they do not want to join in.

Please bring a drink for you and your child.

Please wear a good fitting sports bra or two! It is also advisable to wear supportive trainers.  I advise you get your feet measured after pregnancy as you may have gone up a foot size. Good fitting trainers will offer better ankle support.

Please also complete a post natal exercise health questionnaire before your first class.

Download here or submit your questionnaire online here.

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The Mother Baby Class is on Thursdays at 1.30pm. Classes are small so places are limited so book now.

Got any Questions?

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