Great exercise to release tension in neck, chest shoulders. Counteracts hunched desk posture.

If you sit at a desk all day or do a lot of driving this exercise is a great way to release tension across your chest, shoulders, mid back area, arms and neck.

It is quite common for people who have a hunched posture to experience tension headaches, sore back, sore neck from sitting too long at a desk…… even from being on your phone or tablet too long can cause similar symptoms. This exercise is a great way to release tension and relax the chest area. It will help your posture, releases tension in the muscles and helps release stress. It can help to open out the chest and lungs which in turn allows you to breathe better, in addition your digestive system can work better if things are not so squashed up all the time. How it differs from a lot of normal chest stretches is that if the shoulders are tight then getting the arms in to position to stretch the chest and shoulders can aggravate the muscles around the shoulders which will tense them up more before you even begin. If a muscle is really tight and in spasm then it will be near impossible to properly release it how ever much stretching you do. The beauty of this exercise is it is a passive, relaxing stretch so the muscles relax and let go so things can actually release around the shoulder.

It is very simple to do. All you need to do is lay on a foam roller, making sure your head and hips are supported. Lay with your arms out stretched at shoulder height with psalms facing up. Then just relax and breathe. I would expect you to feel a stretch along your arms and shoulders, maybe across your chest. The more you relax into it and breathe deeply expanding your lungs the more benefit you will get form the exercise. It is a lovely way to unwind after a busy day at work.

You can try different arm positions which will result in you feeling the stretch in different places across the chest and shoulders. The range would be as if you were making a snow angel with your ams. If your shoulders are very tight my advice would be to work in a range that is comfortable to begin with and gradually develop the range over time.

In the video I show an extra shoulder release where the arms are bent at right angles at the elbow with the elbow resting n the floor. Keeping the elbow on the floor you gently rotate from the shoulders the hands touch the floor by your side then overhead. Really use the breathing to increase the opening effect at the shoulders.

Ideally you would do these exercises every day after work but if you can manage 3 x week it would be a great place to start. Stay relaxing on the roller for at least a few minutes but the longer the better really.

You will notice a real difference in a short space of time.

Try it and if you have any questions do please ask me.